recipes: appetizer/snack

  • Bastilla
    minced garlicRice bran oil for fryingsmoked paprikaKosher salt and black pepperyellow onionsminced gingerchicken thighsRas al hanoutchicken stocksaffron threadsbay leavescinnamon stickcinnamoncilantrosliced almondsgolden raisinspowdered sugarfueille de brick doughbutter
  • Jacques Pepin's Kale Chips
    This Jacques Pepin recipe is so easy to make and is a tasty way to get your veggies in for the day! Use the measurements below as guidelines. We make this so often that we simply add just enough olive oil and salt to lightly coat the kale, then we mix it all together with our hands. It always turns out awesome. Adapted from Jacques Pepin's More Fast Food My Way. curly kaleolive oilsalt and pepperchili flake
  • mojo shiitake lavash pizza
    This is a simple pizza that we often whip up when we have leftover shiitakes and mojo de ajo. lavashpizza saucemozzarella cheeseshiitakesmojo
  • mother-in-law's veggie dip
    We just love this dip. It reminds us of visiting our family during the holidays, and it gets us to eat lots of vegetables. Whenever we, in turn, make it for guests, they always ask what's in it. We'll typically serve it with cucumber as an anchor, and then mix in whatever fresh vegetables are in season. The amounts below are estimates, so feel free to adjust all ingredients to taste. chivesdillmayonnaisesour creambeau monde seasoningcucumber