recipes: entree

  • braised short ribs in red wine sauce
    This is such a delicious and easy way to prepare braised short ribs. The pressure cooker does most of the heavy lifting. You just need to brown the meat, soften the veggies, toss in some flour, then add everything else. The frozen pearl onions help reduce prep time. We dug this out of a vintage Jacques Pepin book, The Short-Cut Cook. short ribsrendered fatfrozen pearl onionscarrotsgarlicflourherbes de Provencesaltblack pepperred bliss potatoesred wineparsley
  • jacques pepin's skirt steak grandma
    This recipe was inspired by Jacques Pepin's (JP = Jacques Pepin) Puerto Rican mother-in-law who often incorporates lime into her preparation of steak. This super tasty dish is quick and easy to make. Adapted from JP’s More Fast Food My Way. skirt steakssaltblack pepperlime juiceanchoviesscallionsgarlicolive oilanchovy oilwaterlime juice
  • jacques pepin's tilapia with herb cream sauce
    This cream sauce is made from the same base as the greens with cream dressing. For a very quick and delicious meal, all you need to do is poach the fish and whip up the sauce. salttilapiaheavy creamsaltfreshly ground black pepperred wine vinegarfresh tarragonchivesfresh thymebottled horseradish
  • peking chicken... jacques pepin style
    As avid peking duck fans, we were excited to read Jacques Pepin's (JP) recipe for peking chicken. In order to get crisp skin, the skin is tightened, and some of the fat is rendered in a hot water bath; then the glaze is brushed on in layers at 3 different points in time. The mushrooms on the bottom of the baking rack are an extra added bonus. This recipe works well with chicken with fatty skin, such as Trader Joe's kosher organic. chickenhoneydark soy sauceTabasco saucebalsamic vinegarsmall button mushrooms
  • poached eggs w/ spinach, mushrooms, and walnuts
    We honestly didn't think this recipe was going to be amazing. It just made its way into our kitchen because it made use of lots of leftover ingredients that we had on hand. While cooking it, we started get wary as it involved a whole lot of prep, and it started to feel like a lot of work. But all the work was well-worth it in the end; it all came together quickly after prep. We ended up with a tangy, meaty, and filling vegetarian dinner. Leftover spinach filling made its way into an omelet the next morning. Yay! :) Adapted from the March 2012 issue of Cooking Light. waterwhite vinegarolive oilbaby spinacholive oilgarlicshallotscremini mushroomsfresh sagefresh thymeblack peppersaltred wine vinegarwalnutsgruyere cheeseeggsreserved thyme and walnutsblack pepper
  • quick cooking mirin salmon
    This dish is a weeknight winner and yet is also impressive enough for entertaining. Marination is a prep step, so it requires a little bit of pre-planning. But after all the prep and marination is complete, the salmon only takes a few minutes to cook. The level of effort to make this dish is so low considering how flavorful it is. In this preparation, the salmon is beautifully rare with a nice char on its base. Marination ensures that the fish is seasoned through. The lemon dressing compliments it perfectly, being just the right proportion of salty, bright, complex, and rich. mirinsoy saucebrown sugarTabascoextra virgin olive oillemon juicesesame oilsaltTabascosalmonsesame seeds