recipes: pescatarian

  • jacques pepin's mirin salmon
    This dish is a weeknight winner and also works well for entertaining. Marination is a prep step, so it requires a little bit of pre-planning. But after all the prep and marination is complete, the salmon only takes only 2 minutes to cook. The level of effort to make this dish is so low considering the flavorful reward you get in return. In this preparation, the salmon is beautifully rare, with a nice char on its base, all of which turns into a flavor surprise when you take your first bite. Marination ensures that the fish is seasoned through. The lemon dressing compliments it perfectly, being just the right proportion of salty, bright, complex, and rich. Adapted from Jacques Pepin’s Fast Food My Way. mirinsoy saucebrown sugarTabascoextra virgin olive oillemon juicesesame oilsaltTabascosalmonsesame seeds
  • jacques pepin's tilapia with herb cream sauce
    This cream sauce is made from the same base as the greens with cream dressing. For a very quick and delicious meal, all you need to do is poach the fish and whip up the sauce. salttilapiaheavy creamsaltfreshly ground black pepperred wine vinegarfresh tarragonchivesfresh thymebottled horseradish
  • rick bayless' salmon en pipian verde ajonjoli
    This is a super exciting way to prepare salmon! This dish is hearty, meaty, yet tender. The refreshing cilantro balances out the intense, concentrated flavors. This is definitely a keeper recipe. We have modified the proportions for 2 servings. Adapted from Rick Bayless' Mexican Everyday. tomatillo salsavegetable oilchicken brothtahinisaltsugarpeasfish filletssesame seedscilantro
  • spaghetti squash with tuna tomato sauce
    With this recipe, you can easily enjoy the texture of spaghetti without the carbs. The tuna also enhances the red sauce and is completely satisfying. Since the spaghetti squash cooks in the microwave, clean up is also pretty easy. olive oilcrushed red pepperalbacore tunacrushed tomatoesfresh Italian parsleyfresh basilsaltspaghetti squashparmesan