recipes: versatile

  • Curried Chicken Salad
    skinless boneless chicken breastsextra virgin olive oilkosher saltblack pepperavocadofresh lemon juicecurry powdergarlic freshred grapesceleryfresh cilantrobaby spinach
  • lavash pizza margherita
    This is a basic pizza that we often make when we need something quick and easy. We usually store our lavash in the freezer, and we usually have most of the other ingredients on hand. lavashpizza saucemozzarella cheesetomatobasil
  • lavash pizza with taco meat
    We created this recipe when we had leftover taco meat, but no tortillas or taco shells. We almost always have ingredients for lavash pizza on hand, so we just decided to make a taco pizza variation. lavashpizza saucemozzarellaAmerican cheesetaco meattomatoesjalapeños or serrano peppergreen onionscilantro
  • momofuku's slow-poached eggs
    These eggs are the kind of eggs that come with ramen served at Momofuku's noodle bar. The egg, already fully poached inside its shell, is cracked into a small bowl tableside, then is gently dropped on top of the ramen. The key to getting the poaching right is to make sure that the egg never touches the bottom of the pot. According to David Chang's Momofuku, the water temp at the warm springs is just at the right temp for poaching, so women in Japan go to the springs with baskets of eggs, soak with them for about 45 minutes, then go home with soft poached eggs. We have made these at home with a dutch oven and veggie steamer, and have enjoyed them with ramen, alone with some salt, and even fried. eggs
  • quick and easy korean chicken wings
    This is another recipe that I learned from my friend's mom while I was in high school. Since I grew up in a home that didn't really eat spicy foods, this is also the first recipe I ever made with jalapenos. I'd sometimes make this dish for Sunday dinners with friends in college. I still make this recipe when I can find chicken wings at the French butcher's and it is still always good! coconut oilsugarsoy saucejalapenogreen onionschicken wingssteamed rice
  • spaghetti squash with ravigote
    We accidentally discovered this recipe when we had leftover ravigote sauce and spaghetti squash. Depending on how you portion it out, this refreshing dish can be served as a side or an entrée. spaghetti squashlemon zestlemononionscallionsfresh parsleygarlictomatoescapersolive oilsaltblack pepper